Shall I start?…


Shall I Start?


Shall I start telling you of our longing?

Of the eons we cried in despair?

Of how hopes have been crushed through all ages,

to stand tall in our rights, and stand fair?


Shall I start telling you the long story,

how we humans in sudden attack,

had to flee our wonderful planet,

in dark slaughter, and never come back?


The invaders killed all our strongest.

Seven Sisters reached Pleiades to hide.

God’s Hand twisted for us a Black Hole,

to protect us, on this planet’s tide.


When you see all the Cosmos now present,

to see Freedom restored once again,

when the children of God smash their shackles,

and rivive all their murdered and slain,


When you’ll see Truth restored all these hours,

on this beautiful, liberated New Earth,

will you trust me, and grasp wondrous marvel,

that His Grace blessed us now with new Birth?


In this night eons crying is stopping.

In this night Life and Hope will revive.

We’ll again learn be happy and joyful,

Truth Divine will teach us how to thrive!


We’ll forget, from this night, eons crying!

Celebrate we will learn, to be Free!

For this night Truth is pouring on Gaia,

and mankind remembers to BE!




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