Oh, rain, Truth, rain!…


Oh, Rain, Truth, Rain!…

January 12, 2021, 11:44


Oh, rain, Truth, rain!…

The Age of Lies is over.

Wash all the darkest ugliness away!


Purify children,

our Earth, to crystals,

in Father’s magnifying Light to stay!


You need a word,

of our thirst for Freedom?

You need to know our longing to be Free?


Too long the sufferance

and the pain, for eons,

and wars, and death, smashed down hopes to be!


You see the Sun,

resplendent New and shiny,

of Father, marking Era New of Light?


You see us all,

Spirit of Truth reviving,

victorious coming Home from eons fight?


Oh, rain, Truth, rain!…

Flood Earth with pure fire!

Release our Planet into higher Realms,


For mighty thirst

we have, for Truth from Heavens,

in Golden Hearts to carry, Golden Helms!




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