The Joy of All Eons


The Joy Of All Eons

December 13, 2020, 11:11 pm


The Joy of all Eons will be

when the Earth has ascended.

When my brothers will notice in awe,

Darkness Era has ended.


The Joy of all Eons will come

in magnificent splendor.

When, united in Love, we’ll all see

each of us as a Victor!


Ah, the Joy of all Eons, a dream

keeping us through the ages!

All in wounds, in the long battles torn,

liberated from cages…


And now, look! Lift your head! Dawn is here!

An explosion of Joy stuns the world!

Into millions, the ships fill the air,

our Marvel to watch, as they told!


When three Lions will build a triunit,

Divine Healing in action to call,

then the Joy of all Eons is fulfilled,

in the Marvel of Healing of all!!


Rise! The Dawn burns the skies! It is here!

The New Sun, the New Planets are he’!

Wondrous Joy of all Eons is filling

Joyful hearts of the Victors and Free!




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