For the Beauty is always within…


For the Beauty Is Always Within

November 27, 2020, 08:17 pm


For the Beauty is always within…

Through your sweet eyes, so mightly resplendent!

On your birthday, today, I embrace you,

feeling Love in your heart, oh, so fervent…


For He filled our hearts with His Blessings…

And your Light shines away like a Star!

It is all He, in you, so resplendent,

all reflecting His Light from afar…


See His Love all in you, like a mirror.

Child mine, from His Heavens you flew…

Born of Him, Love, Light, Beauty and Wonder,

brighten my heart, all world and sky blue…


So, you mothers of all worlds and planets!

All the Love in your sons is of Him!

All the Splendor, all Light in your children,

Radiant One, the Divine, gave His Kin!


Good old days 😊



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