Beauty I want to be!


Beauty I Want To Be!


Beauty I want to be!

Wishing, You make me Beauty!

While, nights long, on’ end,

We Two talk of my duty.


In Your Love, in the fullness

of Your Fatherly arm,

do I dream of my Beauty,

far away from all harm…


Try explain You the Beauty

I’d so much love to be,

breathing free on this planet,

now reborn to be free!


Hear Your gorgeous laughing,

till I finally see,

the true Source of all Beauty

stands right in front of me!


How on earth can I picture

to Himself, as the One,

Who in fullness, all Cosmos

in His Beauty has done?


How on earth I describe Him,

all my image in store,

when The Master has thousands,

oh, quite millions, galore?…


For a newborn a planet,

and a newborn a Kin,

will spin worlds into Beauty,

all His Cosmos will spin!


And His Joy of Creation,

and His Wonder of Life,

inundate will, us children

in His Beauty to thrive!



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