In His tiniest finger


In His Tiniest Finger


In His tiniest finger holds He Being, and Life!

Galaxies, Universes, Stars and Clusters, and all,

all the vastness of Cosmos, myriad Constellations,

and for all, His loved Gaia, our Tiny Dot Ball!


So, if all your false prophets told you, you are an ape,

if they say Neandertaler were your fathers, in cave,

if they put you a muzzle and declare you slave,

know, you are FATHER’s Son, dignified and brave!


Soon all Trumpets will sound and you’ll throw muzzles, all!

His Announcement, today, will bring Freedom to Earth!

In His Fatherly arms we’ll remember, in glee,

that we all are His Sons, and our Earth is now Free!




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