So thirsty!


So Thirsty!

October 22, 2020, 12:22


So thirsty of the world of my Father!

Remember when He first gave us birth?

Remember, He gave us His Spirit,

and sent us, regain all this Earth?


On the Isle of Paradise grounds

we all learned stand in Truth and in Light!

Conquer Dignity of His Children, He taught us,

and stand strong, never give up right fight!


Oh, how thirsty I am of my Father!

What a big sacrifice we all paid!

What a monstruous world, Earth becoming,

where the ultimate price we all paid!


It’s enough! Thunderous voice shattered Cosmos!

Further pain, Father cannot contain!

Not His children, nor worlds of enslavement,

could survive mad, insane, horrid pain!


Be all saved! Father said with a gesture.

This My world, be it blessed with My Word!

In high Dignity, live sanctified,

these My children of Mine Golden Chord!


And the Sun transmutated its Fires.

Children all overcame body old!

His tsunami of Spirit of Truth blessed us

to great Victors, courageous and bold!



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