If There Is Victory


If There Is Victory

October 22, 2020, 20:22


If there is Victory, then it is Yours!

We’d like say, we’ve been just as essential!


But in Truth, it was You, Who envisioned,

the Plan, of proportions so special!


As Warriors, we grew with Your Masters.

With Love You taught us, and prepared,


The enemy unseen, the deep hidden,

to vanquish, with courage, not scared!


Too hard were the lessons on Gaia.

The hardest – was mission recalling!


Discover we had, our duty,

our Light-Sword, in tall standing, holding!


Your armies of Angels we’ve joined.

Like brothers they raised us, when fell!


They healed our wounds and embraced us,

when cruel wars, battles rang bell!


We life after life here descended.

We learned how to handle the worse;


Determined to hold shield and armor,

we mastered the reigns of the horse!


And now, we are Victors in Father!

He taught us to mightily win!


If Victory, He’s the Creator,

and we all His mighty loved Kin!



11 Days – John F Kennedy Jr.


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