Since Tiny Dot Gaia


Since Tiny Dot Gaia

October 20, 2020, 21:21


Since Tiny Dot Gaia

screamed to Father on High,

to take her to His chest,

so no children would die…


Since He heard her despair,

in compassion, He stretched

all His Host, all His Angels

to save us, poor wretched…


Since for eons of struggle

we grew brothers in love,

our hearts melt in sufferance

on this prison enclave…


Since now Earth got her signal

of reversing the tide,

and in full force, she’s jumping

in a Quantum Dot Bride…


This is sign, that big Cosmos

marries her with the Sun,

of New Light, of New Power,

donned in glorious garm…


This is sign, that New Life

is bestowed upon Earth,

and New, vibrant revival

gifts us mighty Rebirth…


It is sign we awakened!

It is sign we are Free!

It is sign a New Era

of Divine Love is he!


…Deep in my inner Soul,

I give thanks to the Lord,

Who revived New Mankind

with a New, Golden Chord…


Alien Fossils and mummies, The Nazca extraterrestrials [VIDEO]


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