How can I tell a slave?


How Can I Tell A Slave?


How can I tell a slave, there is Freedom?

How can I tell a blind, there is Light?

When never, oh, never, they saw it,

nor heard of man’s God given right?


A life spent in darkness and shackles.

All life spent in abyss of dark.

How could my slave brother know Freedom,

when life long seen not Sun, nor spark?


From Orion Nebula acting.

Beyond our ears and eyes.

How can, devastated, a mother,

heal her beloved child, so cries?


They take hold of our sweet children.

Right after they’re born, get a shot.

In Vatican rush they, with printing,

feet small, as the assets they got!


And then, your sweet child’s autistic!

If not, he’s allergic to dust!

If not, there are still twenty syndroms,

the parents are hit with a blast!


Then soon, loud bells ring “Salvation!”

The vaccines! The vaccines are he’!

You’ll die!!! cry all doctors like crazy,

should you smash that cocktail and flee!


No! Free to be’s not allowed!

No! Slaves wear muzzles on, brave!

Don’t dare to think! they say. Sheeple

stay put under boot – and behave.


How can I tell slave, there is Freedom?

How can I tell blind, there is Light?

When his DNA is so precious,

and monsters for his blood all fight?


I call on to Father for rescue!

All brothers to help in our Fight!

In full force to end all enslavement!

Us all to born new in His Light!



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