And don’t you think!


And Don’t You Think!


And don’t you think, your Father,

Master of All There Is,

the One Creator Wondrous,

your Gifts would ever freeze…


You whine and cry, imploring

for Him bestow on you,

those qualities, from Heavens,

in which you grow and grew…


How think, Most Loving Father,

would keep away from you,

those Master tools, Magicians

for ages grew and knew?


Wouldn’t you think, He seeth

you still too weak, for Him,

to give you mighty powers,

when skin on you too thin?


Be strong, you, Father’s Warrior!

Stand tall, for He will see

the perfect Time, and give you

all Gifts you’ll need to Be!


Taken by Rayann Elzein on October 17, 2020 @ Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland 


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