The Happy Moments


The Happy Moments

October 12, 2020, 22:22


The happy moments are released by Father.

Scramble all ways you wish: it is in vain.

The Sovereign returns, His Son, in Glory.

The one you nailed on cross. The one you slain.


You chose betrayal. And you got betrayal.

Ages long you usurped this Earth and man.

In own morass you all drowned, pretending

Earth be your own, and there is no ban.


There is but Truth, and all belongs to Father.

There is but Light, and all belongs to Him.

There is but One, that heads the Universum,

and His Love reigns supreme on all His kin.


His patience seemed eternal over eons.

He let you free to prove yourself to you.

In arrogance you left your school too early,

and fell, without any key or clue.


But now, an end puts Father to your madness.

You cannot run. There is no place to hide.

Our wounded heroes, prisoners over ages,

come home in glory. Mighty turned the Tide!


The happy moments are released by Father.

Warriors, gleeful, close all wars and fight.

His hand Divine enacts great Celebrations,

for all Creation comes Home in His Light!



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