The sufferance was too long…


The Sufferance Was Too Long…

September 22, 2020, 7:07 pm


The sufferance was too long, you see?

So we have lost our laughter…

Tortured and screaming, with no hope,

forgot we have the Father!


The chains on feet, the yoke on neck,

the human face in muzzle,

with heavy hearts we walked through life,

lost in the monsters puzzle…


Forgive… Your shiny, holy sons,

deprived of strength and courage,

sent into wars, to kill Your kin,

and die in Earth’s foliage…


The children stole, abused and raped,

in underground bases,

and tortured, for adrenaline,

restore old monster faces…


Yes!… starved and lost, Your children walked,

through this abyss of tears,

in cry and pain, forgotten they,

the way out of fears…


But now the sufferance is enough!

We have remembered Father!

His loving arms await us all,

in Joy and Hope and Laughter!



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