Days of Wonder


Days of Wonder



…And when your skies turn red and you stop breathing,

when houses burn to ashes at your right,

when at your left all trees go lost in fires,

and friends and brothers die all day and night…


Wenn all the planet struggles through turmoil,

when mighty rivers break the dams and pour,

when, muzzled like a slave, you gasp for air,

in every place you walk, and house, and store…


When you know well, you are a Sovereign Being,

a Son of God, created by Most High…

Then stop a moment, close your eyes, remember!…

It is not you, the one who has to cry!


Your Earth will mighty shatter all the raptors.

Restored your Human Dignity will be.

Take heart, for manifest shall Love Eternal,

in Days of Wonder, here for The Free!!!




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