It’s the Delight!


It’s The Delight!


It’s the Delight!

That is your real nature!

That’s your identity as Son of God!


It’s the Delight,

in which your Father made you,

all Universes blending, lightening rod!


It’s the Delight!

But you have lost your vision!

This is your Truth, but you won’t me believe,


For you are trembling,

overcome with fear,

and lost your Love, and Laughter, Joy to give!


One million times 

I’ll shout to you my message:

that you are His Delight, His Joy and Love!


Until one day,

at once, you will remember,

His Happiness you are, from high above!


It’s the Delight!

That’s what you are. Remember!

You are His cherished Son, loved with no ending!


His whole Joy you are,

embraced forever,

your name is Marvel, Beauty, Love in His Name blending…



July 30, 2018,


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