Yes, there is a way

Yes, There Is A Way

August 30, 2020, 23:11


Yes, there is a way,

to be working Wonder:

Just keep your faith strong,

and fall not asunder.


World right now is chaos.

Look not right, nor left.

You were raped of Knowing,

in an ancient theft.


Talk and laugh with Father.

Play with Angels, sing.

Call your Christ, to join

your remembering.


You were not abandoned.

But they put a spell

on your Lighted Being,

to think, you in hell.


Hypnotized your mind.

Twist-programmed your thought.

To lethargic living

all your life, they brought.


So you have forgotten.

Dumbed down and sad.

In your damaged being,

poison were you fed.


Not contain can minds,

meant in kind Love,

concepts of kill, murder,

slaughter of the dove!


That’s why Christ was coming:

to remember Self.

Take you Home to Father,

and redeem yourself.


There are mighty battles.

Slaughters, bloody wars.

To keep you in shackles,

blocked all windows, doors.


Will you grok this Wonder,

mighty deeds Divine?

Be reborn in FREEDOM,

in your Godly shine?


Will you grok the Marvel

of being His son,

to be healed, made whole,

in your world new done?


All your strength you’ll need it.

Stunning courage, full.

Never give up, mighty

grab by horns the bull!


That’s your chance. The only.

Heavens are with you.

Thoroughly learn standing,

in Light, Love and true!


So remember Father.

It’s your only chance.

Wake up now, my brother,

from the dark your trance!












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