In the Cheers and Joy of Creation


In The Cheers And Joy Of Creation

August 22, 2020, 22:22


In the cheers and Joy of Creation,

in His Laughter Divine were we made!

Galaxies, Universes were stunning,

when of His Love, He us all create’!


We are His mighty Joy, His sweet Lions.

We are His butterflies in swift flight!

All His Wonders! That’s all that He meant us,

as He blew us in Life, from the Light!


Wondrous planet He meant for His children!

We, His precious, He born of His Love!

Happy danced all His worlds, our brothers,

when we manifested in Light, high above!


All His heart put He in our souls!

We are Love, we are Joy manifest!

We are Stars, we are Suns, all His wonders,

born to Love, and to heal, and be best!


You can stand on your head in denial.

You can huff, puff and snuff your life long!

Your deceit lead you lose vibrant soul!

Lost are you, knowing not whom belong!


So you rape our children, in madness!

Torture babes, to drink adrenochrome!

Lost are you, in your insane perversions,

for you lost sacred way to Him, Home!


We know why you invaded our planet,

kill and drink our precious young blood!

There is One Sacred Way for your healing,

Holy Way, to the Holy One God!



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