The difference


The Difference

August 17, 2020, 23:23


There is a clear difference

in the High Laws of Cosmos.

Father gives us all Free Will,

in Divine Love and Pathos.


From high up it is hard,

to discover the traitor,

when he says he’s a lamb,

where you see a gator!


The lessons of this Earth,

are paved with pain and sufferance.

Yet, seem to be the key,

for discernment and difference!


Catapulted we are,

in a body, with mortals.

And amnesic, at once,

when we birth through the portals.


So, shout your Joy! Here only,

you learn bad from the good.

It takes lives, many thousands,

till wise, you’ve understood.


You’ll remember your Sword,

put in your hand by Father.

And as Warrior, you’ll learn

love your sister and brother.


After eons, you’ll see,

discern lie from the true,

and you’ll finally dawn,

you belong to His crew…


That’s the difference: a human

acts his Free Will in Love.

But a raptor, when killing,

betrays His laws above!


It is time grab your sword!

Sword of Light, strong and true!

Final battle to fight,

with the Victors, His crew!


Uncle Rob and the President




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