For the trodden rise now into Freedom!


For The Trodden Rise Now Into FREEDOM!


For the trodden rise now into FREEDOM.

Yes! The Great Time of Times — it is he’!!!

The loved children of God will remember,

Finally!…What it means to be Free!


The intruders His Kin decimated.

The free children of God turned to slaves.

And the Free Will of all in Creation,

trampled they, in most monstruous blaze!


There’s but One, that Created all Beings.

There’s but One, Who is ruling by LOVE.

But the raptors took hold of this planet,

screaming loud to be theirs, above.


In this whole great vastness of Cosmos,

what is it, you created in LOVE?

Null and void, the space of your fusses,

null and void you are for Above!


For this wondrous a planet is Father’s!

Just as Wondrous Creation, all His!

All you can, is to rape and destroy it.

That’s why Stasis starts now, and all freeze.


Go home, ami, your destruction not needed!

Take your hate and your perverted ways!

For the Earth celebrates now her FREEDOM,

and all children learn now FREEDOM’s ways!








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