Beyond any time


Beyond Any Time


Beyond any Time, wind and weather,

that sweet little dove in the tree,

is waiting for my recognition, 

to see it and kind to be…


In its stance you can see clear mission:

Mother NEB, of this great Universe,

with big load of Love message She sent it,

to deliver to me in fine verse…


The sweet dove, concentrated and patient,

counts no time, no wind and no rain.

Stands in waiting, for me to acknowledge,

and in Love and in thanks to entrain.


It stands tall in a noble position.

What a wondrous creature, so sweet!

Would it know, how my heart in Love melting,

from beyond bringing me Mother’s greet…


Oh, how wondrous this lovely Creation!

I put tons of my thanks on its wings.

Send it back, with my kisses and wishes,

to Celestial Friends, beyond winds…




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