Sophia Love


July 21, 2020 4:00 AM

It is I, Sophia. It is One.


— Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are patterns to be aware of in your world. These are naturally occurring and prevalent. They offer clues as to the origin of things. There has been so much delusion and illusion for you that these patterns will help to sort much of it out.

What is being introduced in this discussion are patterns in weather, in nature, in bodies; physical patterns.

Your world is geo-physical and dynamic. There is a symmetry. There are repetitive geometric shapes.

When something enters or is noticed that does not fit, it stands out. It is announcing itself as a foreigner, an intruder, a false construction if you will. These can occur in the visible structure of things. These can occur in the sound of things. These can occur in the outward appearance of things.

They are like glitches and obvious to you that way. They indicate interference.
They, when they show up, tell you that there has been interference and an attempt made at insertion.

It could be an insertion of weather, an insertion of form, an insertion of chemical, biological, or physical structure. These are attempts at God production and not naturally occurring.

Some in the scientific community have discovered the indicators for this. Some in the general population have begun to point out the instances of this in form and structure. These occur as clones in your language. Also, there is a technology of holograms. These are some that mimic nature and have entered into the vast public arena. There will be more.

You will learn of them when there are disclosures on a grand scale. You will hear over and over and over the lies, the duplicates, the weather and catastrophe machines. All of these set up to quell a population. All of these put out there for the population to accept as real and then toe the line.

Your citizen journalists, as well as fellow phone-camera holding humans, have seen to it that these fabrications and falsehoods get recorded and shared. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to discern a true insertion/falsehood from something naturally occurring. Watch the eyes in people that appear “off”, and the ears. There is no way to perfect either. In weather, there is a fury and suddenness component that indicates interference. In events that are broadcast, there will be a haze to them, a temporary feature and not a repeatable angle to how they are then reported (recorded).

Internally*, what will be noticed are clear manipulations. As if there was a deliberate cutting off, shortening or movement of some sort.

What is always more helpful when attempting to decipher what is natural vs what is not, is the ability to compare – one to the other. Side by side, one next to the other. This can be done with weather and space reports, with images of people, with sound recordings, with telescope and microscope images, and with actual numbers.

In your current world there is a large fabrication of reality put forth as “real” to tell a story the populace will then follow and hopefully believe. It is structured to hold you in place. It is told in a way that is meant to keep you accepting the story it tells without question. It is intentional. It is a deliberate coordinated narrative. It is not true in any way that feels natural. It is the cause of so much confusion and polarization.

What is happening, partially, is that some humans are more sensitive to the geometry and the patterning and the feel of nature. Others have become hardened to it and function in identical responses to whatever is “close enough” for the them, and the loss to their internal radar so subtle, it is hushed away and attempted to be ignored.

All of this is brought up now to describe for you what it is your body is dealing with. There is an optimal home for your body. You have not held residence there these past 6-8 years. It has been hijacked, and whether or not you know this intellectually, you feel this physically.

You are One – an organized component of flesh that responds and performs best in an optimal atmosphere that supports it. Occasional opposing forces can be withstood. You, however, have had to survive in a veritable onslaught of them.

The structure and form of what you eat, what you see, what you feel, what you hear, has been hijacked. This takes its toll.

What you’ll notice now are those among you having an easier time physically are those whose lifestyle has adopted non-artificial support in the way of food, of movement, of stimulation, of friendship. These are things like practices of meditation, community food production, community support, natural medicines, nature.

It is not that technology is detrimental in and of itself. It is that on earth and for humanity, it has been developed as a weapon, as a tool for degradation and moved beyond your ability to assure that it is in concert with morality and thus supportive of the whole of life.

These things are vital considerations. They determine the success or failure of entire genomes.

You are entering a moment of falsehoods being broadcast for general absorption with the intent to nullify opposition and to keep the chains intact. Many of you are on alert and ready for this. As well, many of you have a hard time swallowing the notion that “it’s all a lie” or “most of it is a lie”. While not all of it is falsified, the majority is, and right now.

You witness a war. It is a war of content and meant to be won with large numbers of believing humans who will then continue to follow instructions without question. It is a culture war. A war of words, broadcast to your homes on a daily basis, with images, sounds and ideas. These are meant to push you forcibly in a specific direction, keying in on attributes of your psyche that hold importance for you. Your values. Your ideas about good and bad. Your family. The health of the planet. Most of all, obedience to authority, if not to God itself.

These are tactics of manipulation conducted by a party that holds as its ultimate objective – separation from each other, population reduction, (and) reversal of enlightenment.

Although enlightenment will not ever be “reversed”, it can be stalled with enough pressure in that direction. Divine intervention will halt the reduction of the population before this virus spreads. Separation from each other is the ultimate force that humanity’s nature opposes – it is here that your strength prevents the plan from ever succeeding.

What are now pockets of protesters to this forced isolation will, before too much longer, become populations of peaceful humans gathering for the sake of the sunshine, and each other. For the sake of coordinated movement. For the sake of beauty.

You will realize, dear human, that you do not require an outside authority to tell you what is true. That in order to thrive, you must do so freely, in groups, and close to one another. That when illness sets in, it is time to rejuvenate and care for those afflicted, not separate in fear and isolation. That isolation itself can be lethal to the spirit, and (that) the spirit is a vital component of the human. No less important than the heart or the lungs. That love of one another is what you do best. That, life, conducted without contact and devoid of compassion, is barely sustainable and unpleasant.

The human spirit in every way prevails here. Solutions are regularly discovered and uncovered and shared. All of this through a network of hearts on pathways of love that even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence will never replicate. To repeat. Even the most sophisticated artificial intelligence will not overtake the innate wisdom of the human. That wisdom is fueled and activated in love, which can be mimicked, but not built, with a machine.

What has so many of you uncomfortable and right now, are the discordant tones of the false construct against the growing voice of natural, perfect and light filled, love saturated evolution.** This is the enlightenment of a race. It cannot be interfered with. It cannot be replicated. It is a self-organizing and self-actualized process that starts as a gentle hum. This gradually drowns out the false, robotic and amplified exclamations of interference. Your body feels the contrast and hears the noise. Some of you express it through your physical vehicles and there is discomfort and disharmony.

Hold onto every pattern and system of support that resonates and quiets you. These could be rest, water, sustenance, gentility, quiet movement or even informed and symmetrical exercises of both body and mind. Such as mantras, yoga, chanting, music. There are natural rhythms that will support you through this change and hasten the eradication of what is false. Seek always order that resonates within. You are living out a battle of energetic systems and feeling it expressed in your body.

You will witness and come to recognize what will be presented outside of your body as truth – but is everything but (truth). Listen to your body. It speaks to you. Sometimes shouts. When in doubt, go within. Your answers are visceral. As your body morphs and becomes new, its voice is clearer and you will feel, and quickly, comprehension.

Ask. You will hear truth when your source is a quiet mind and a peaceful heart.
Ask. Your body holds truth. When the images and sounds are most confusing – ask.***

That is all, dear human. That is all.

— Thank you. Goodbye.****

Goodbye Sophia, my chosen one.


* Meaning in the body and as seen by a microscope

** What I saw here was so powerful. Water, moving, nice and gentle up and down vs a big square warship blasting through. Jarring. For the youngest among us, this is all they know. It is the vibe they have spent their formidable years in and what’s going on today is in sharp contrast. They react to an innate sense that something is wrong, as they are ‘at home’ with both sensations residing within, albeit not as loud.

*** How this played out before me were two sides of symmetry. One was a square while the other was a complicated geometric pattern with infinite points and quite beautiful. While both were symmetrical, one was infinitely more interesting and stunning, while the other (the square) represented perfection.

**** (Written on the page) What I saw throughout was movement, geometric shapes and then alterations. There were rhythmic movements and beings and then, in stark contrast there were anomalies. These were robot-like and off-kilter. The sense was jarring, metallic, fake. I kept seeing Joe Biden’s (USA Presidential Candidate) face. Sets of eyes – one true, one not, and knowing which was which. Also kept seeing large blocks moving and unsure what that was. Machine movement and false, but not sure what was being moved. This whole transmission came in, accompanied with a sense of confusion, which was the point. Confusion at that level indicates the false introduction of “facts”. The body cannot resonate there. What was being shown was what this feels like viscerally. This took almost 2 hours!

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