That tiny Ray of Hope


That Tiny Ray Of Hope

July 20, 2020, 02:02 pm


That tiny Ray of Hope,

when we walk through death valley,

is what keeps us afloat,

and stand up on Truth alley…


That tiny Ray of Hope,

in this prison of darkness,

is what keeps our heart

beat, in this monster harness…


It is from Your sweet hand,

we still breath and can standing,

while thousands drop dead,

in exhaustion times pending…


Is this not what we talk,

in the long nights of crying,

in your Fatherly arms,

healing ways ever trying?…


Is this not what You say,

gently wiping my tears,

when we talk all night long,

saving me from my fears?…


Oh, how Father so tender!

Oh, the warmth of Your chest!

When feel lost, I implore You,

to lift me by my crest!


Oh, how kind Your shoulder,

wet of tears I cry,

when You feel with my feeling,

and to comfort me, try…


Is the thread of our courage,

of our Hope tiny Ray,

You restore with Your smile,

strengthen, to here stay…


Yes! That Great Day’s now coming,

of Earth Great Liberty!

From the Highest, the Father

promised us, Free to be!


FREEDOMsRAY is now shining!

In new Hope we revive!

All the words Father speaketh,

give us Life, keep us live!



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