Gaia Portal, July 11, 2020


Gaia Portal Message

July 11, 2020



Preparations for extenders are energized with Light.

There are great preparations as answers to great prayers. There are great promises of Miracles to come. There are those servants of Father, focused on their Mission, in  full Love and compassionate devotion. Those who would move mountains with their faith.

In trust they await the Divine Timing, for them to step into action. Their embodiments are extended by God according to His will, and energized with Divine Light by His very Divine hands. The Miracles will show unprecedented Quantum Jumps, choreographed in perfection.


“Divine history shows itself.”

“Central contacts increase.”

“Physical adjustments continue as Gaia awakes.”

“P1 in Data Delivery. Terrans, attention to quantum assimilation!”

“Internal mentors appear.”

“Frame of awakens increases.” / Gabriel Raio Lunar


Solar gains transpire.

And we shall learn to know our New Sun.


“Samples of New Human are spread over System.”

“Higher kingdoms are established.”

“New high standards are established.” / Gabriel Raio Lunar


Heavens of Galactic connections are seen.

Our Galaxy brothers will just make themselves known.


“Era of Water arrival assured.”

“Crystals of Hope of *Nova Aurora in UNIVERSAL HARMONIZATION – Terran Plane: 99%”

“Gaian travel accelerates.” / Gabriel Raio Lunar, July 9, 10, 11, 2020

ÉirePort | July 11, 2020 at 11:11 am



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