I will say it one time


I Will Say It One Time

June 18, 2020, 18:08


I will say it one time for my brothers,

mighty warriors on all battlefields,

those great heroes, who fought all these eons,

higher masters of Sword of Light wields…


I will say it for all of those children,

monsters cut them to pieces for blood,

for all eons of inhumane sufferance,

for all rivers of tears, a flood…


The 12th Hour is mightily here.

The Big Storm of 12th Hour is he’.

Now you’ll look in your eyes and you’ll face it.

Now you’ll see why you came here to be!


No imaginable end, and no limits

evil has, on this planet of our.

But this moment, the greatest of greatest,

puts to evil an end, this 12th Hour!


Sev’teen seventy six close full circle.

You’ll be now independent and Free!

It was God’s gift for the bravest of heroes,

brought to life by His Sent, you and me…


Watch now His Divine Son touch your ground.

Watch your Trumpeter stand at His right.

Watch the living  JonJon, in a Marvel,

at His left, in a most wondrous sight!


Yes, the alien invasion will happen.

Yes, Corona and Anthrax will sweep.

Yes, we’ll starve and we’ll die in the thousands,

in dark game, of lost dark and lost grip!


I will say it to you for all ages:

Prince of Peace will descend among you.

An ANNOUNCEMENT He’ll bring from the Heaven,

of your Freedom, eternal and true…


With His LOVE He will heal all mankind!

All the riches of Heavens He’ll bring!

He’ll ignite Golden Era of Freedom,

and in JOY all God’s Angels will sing!…


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