Slowly grasping…


Slowly Grasping…

June 17, 2020, 11:55


Slowly grasping, the memories coming…

From how deep in the ages they come?

From how far, in the dust of the eons

our lives come back now, we thought gone?…


There are spirals in wheels inside cycles.

Deep tenebrous, diluvian times…

In the abyss, all smashed, we descended,

till a born New Gold Era arrives.


Oh, the fights and the struggle, the tears!

Oh, the calls to the Heaven, in pain!

Oh, the blood we have lost, and the children,

sent to wars to be slaughtered in vain…


There is Light in remembrance, like rainbows.

There is hope come for us, we now see.

Our hearts, in the wounds breathe in healing,

gently lifting us up, to be free…




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