Gaia Portal, March 12, 2020


Gaia Portal Message

March 12. 2020



Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.

The strong energies of awakening, projected onto us, sharpen our antenae and sensors, helping us to quicker feel the presence of the Higher Beings of Light descended on Gaia now.

Full circle scenarios play out.

The magnificent Ascension Plan goes step by step into completion.

Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

True messages and calls penetrate more and more hearts.

Martensings fail to halt the progress.

Martens: weasel-like animals. No martens-ing can now stop what is coming!

Stone marten (Martes foina).

Essences of the Higher Realms are realized.

Feels like Final Victory is at hand.


ÉirePort | March 12, 2020 at 12:12 pm

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