Yes, Love is The Answer


Yes, Love Is The Answer




I now see,

how every little step in my life,

was Your direct gift of LOVE

onto me.


Thank You

for letting me learn

in the Academy of Arts.

You were teaching me LOVE.

Divine Love.


Each Michelangelo or da Vinci are Acts of Love.

Each David, Gioconda, Pietà,

or all Moses,

are sent by You.

Each Tchaikovsky or Prokofiev music,

signed by Your hand.


When Odille dies, imprisoned in a swan,

it is Siegfried who saves her.

Sieg – is The Victor.

Odille escapes her prison

alone through his Love!


When, after 100 years,

Desiré liberates Aurora,

it is through Love:

He kisses her alive.

His Love dissolves dark magic.


While Romeo and Julia

sacrifice their Love

to dark hatred.

Massive lesson of Love to the parents.


Thank You,

for gifting me LOVE,

all my life long.

Finally know it…





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