Unless you are a Warrior


Unless You Are A Warrior


Unless you are, a Warrior,

keep your mouth shut!

Don’t ever think, God gave you Life,

sit on your butt!


You hide on Earth, for you betrayed

Eternal Life!

And here you kill, His innocent,

with monstrous knife!


Technology, is all you think,

is Life and Love!

Forgotten you, these ages long,

Life Is Above. 


Robot you are, and lost your Soul,

your God betrayed!

And still enslave, and plot and kill,

your death delayed.


Possess your castles, bunkers hoard,

full silver, gold.

And plan and ploy, in stupid ways,

to keep and hold!


Your Life is God’s. This planet’s gold,

belongs to Him!

Void and null, is you possess,

in robot dream!


You rape our girls, deprave in blood,

in kill, and drink!

Begone, you fake! Stupid machine!

No heart to think.


The Times have changed. Your lies undone.

Earth spits you out!

New Earth revives, verdure explodes,

all ov’ your drought!


Unless you are, a Warrior,

in Godly Light,

you are a null, your darkness gone,

and lost your might.





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