I Love Laughing with You!


I LOVE Laughing with You!


You are such a sweet FATHER.


You are the most wondrous sweet FATHER 

of All the sweet Fathers,

but probably no one would believe me.

You are the One and Only.

The First and The Last.

You are the One Creator of Everything There Is.

Yes, You are the Beginning and the End.

Which End, does not exist.

You are Eternal.

Eternal and Infinite.

And so are we, All.

Your Powerful LOVE became Your Creation.

We are Your Love.

We are Your Rays of Mighty Divine Love,

sent out to Love.

Your whole Creation is Your Infinite Love.

The Splendor of it does blow our minds.

For LOVE is in the Heart.

And cannot be contained.

So the LOVE of the Radiant One

is the Pure Essence of All Creation,

and being infinite,

can never end.


I AM Your child.

You hold me in Your arms so tender,

I could laugh day and night!

I AM a little lion cub, and You are my Father.

Guess I am sweet and puffy,

for I cuddle very happily in Your arms.

I feel the warmth of Your breast.

Oh, what a warmth!

I would just bathe in it day and night!

In fact, that’s what I’m doing.

There I feel Your laughter.

Your laughter is…

the sweetest of all nectar of Heavens.

You can wondrously laugh!


Sometimes, on this Tiny Dot Gaia I now reside,

there is still pain and death.

Then I start crying.

I just cannot see, stand, your Kin suffer,

one sole moment longer.

But then, a big, soft, loving, puffy,

huge Lion Paw,

does thump my solar plexus!


I remember I am in Your arms,

hear Your gentle laughing.

“Do not fear, My child, for I AM with you”!

What a marvelous Marvel!

Then Your sweet messengers pop through the air!

Tiny jay qweek-qweek me ‘good morning’!

The magpie, my neighbor, performs a nice solo,

displaying its colors in flight, light and graceful.

Your doves land on the roof of next house,

starting turtling and gurgling their sweet Love to me!

It is all just Your Laughter!

I start singing and dancing 

and my floor turns pirouetting my joy

all around!

It is all in Your Will!

If of You, all is Love and is Laughter and Wonder!


As a babe, whole class of my sister was coming.

Wanted to see and to greet

that new babe that descended from heaven.

I was small, but it seems, beautiful,

for those children were leaving in wonder.

So they left, and my mother was watching:

I had fiery red cheeks and it looked like high fever.

And as the legend goes…

little fly landed straight on my face,

to attract mom’s attention and action!

So, that Angel of a mom FATHER gifted,

quickly told me three times ‘Our Father’!

Yes! No tiny fly is too small for Your wonders!

I knew that You sent it to mother!

Who else could be so sweet and so tender,

to save a new-born with such LOVE?


…Just tell Him I Love Him, sweet turtle,

you tiny a messenger small,

from my FATHER, the Greatest and Sweetest,

hugging me on this tiny dot ball…








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