In Heaven Celebrations have started


In Heaven Celebrations Have Started


In Heaven celebrations have started.

All Dimensions prepare to dance.

Orchestras tune in the Music of Spheres,

Universe is awakening from trance!


Telegraphs, all restore into function.

Fairies stretch their wings into play.

The connections start send joyful message,

for today has arrived The Great Day!


The Great Day has arrived in the Heavens.

Mighty echoes reach us in few day.

The White Robes shine in Purity, ready,

for all Beings to step into play.


Can you hear the Call of the Trumpets?

How the Truth Avalanche washes all?

How in Cosmic Proportions resounds

Father’s Thunderous Voice to us all?


Oh, the whirl His Voice spirals around!

Oh, how Angels they sing and rehears!

Oh, how Blessings come flooding from Father,

as the FREEDOM ignites Universe!









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