For if in Wonder Look at you…


For If In Wonder Look At You…


For if in wonder look at you,

and see your wondrous Beauty,

is Father’s all, is His, not mine,

with all my parent duty…


And if so gently lift my eyes,

your Beauty grasp, in wonder,

I need remember, always know,

from Father came, in thunder!


O, what a marvel, what a might,

this Beauty yours, so precious!

A mirror just, of Father mine,

of Love unending, gracious!


I look at you, and cry, and cry,

thinking you’re of my making…

O, you are not! You come from Him,

and His Divine creating!


And so I melt, in wonder still,

enchanted by your Beauty…

I call you mine, but you are His,

beyond my parent duty!






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