Watch Today Storm!


Watch Today Storm!


Watch today storm!

This Storm is of the Highest!

How long, still, think,

Father Himself will endure?


The Flood is His,

of Pure Truth from Heavens!

Spirit of Truth,

the Godly One and Pure!


Stand strong and wake!

The Gates of Flood He opened!

Fear you not,

when darkness all dissolved!


This Day is sacred!

Avalanche of FREEDOM!

Tsunami Light,  

for Warriors all bold!


Dark eons end now!

Sacred Day of FREEDOM!

Stand strong and wake!

Learn again to be Free!


Light Flood is here!

Avalanche has fallen,

transmuted darkness,

Father’s Kin to BE!


5D Shift: What Does It Mean to THRIVE in 5D, What Qualities to Embody?







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