A Message for all


A Message For All

December 1, 2019, 19:11

No More Sleeping



What a pathetic, narcissistic, childish bunch of ignorant fools you are, fallen angels.

Do you and the evil extraterrestrial races think you’re gonna defy intervention by Heaven?

Do you think you possess power greater than that of the Celestial Sons?

Do you think our one, infinite Creator was lying when it was decreed that Earth and humanity will be freed from darkness and evil?

Or, have you just stopped thinking?


Abuse at the highest level


Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, et al. –

like a massive tornado charging across a flat plain, truth is coming at you with overwhelming, unstoppable energy.

When it arrives, when humanity finds out what you did, your British empire, midsummer night’s, fabricated kingdom will be revealed as the vile travesty that it is

and at the hands of the forces of divine justice, it will be blasted into oblivion.

An appropriate ending to a hideous and sickening fairy tale…


From our sisters and brothers in the higher dimensional realms to all of humanity, a message:

“Be patient.

Fear nothing.

Heaven’s got your backs.

Victory of good over evil has been guaranteed by our one, infinite Creator.

The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.”




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