To deeply we fathom

  To deeply we fathom   To deeply we fathom the value of Truth, we need born new, from the abyss of tears. The suffering inhumane, the monstrous despair took us through ugly death, ugly fears…   Don’t tell me you know, don’t explain me a word, from the theories, thousands, of knowing! It is […]

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Gaia Portal, November 17, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message November 17, 2019     Fetterings of the Shadow Elements are cleared. It sounds like, after ancient eons of work, intensified in the last decades to unprecedented, magnificent energy work, the control over the dark and darkness has been dissolved! It sounds like the absolute Victory of the Divine Plan for […]

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  Coup in Bolivia November 2019   . . Minor political figure Luis Fernando Camacho (above center praying in Government Palace) astonishingly uses a single Christian Bible to throw from power godless socialist forces in Bolivia… …after which Bolivian interim president Jeanine Añez (center holding Bible over her head) declares to world: “God has allowed […]

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For We Have The Trumpet

  For We Have The Trumpet   For we have the Trumpet, and we have Jon Jon, and they’ve put in action the Salvation Plan.   All you have is madness. And you scream and scream. You are blind, dark brothers, in a darkness dream!   For the Light is here! And the Truth has […]

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11/11, 11:11

  11/11, 11:11, 2019 The Worth of Life   For the Worth of a Life in the end will be known. You discover, at last, All is His, and not own.   You are His, and He holds you in Arms, through the Ages! You are loved, and protected, all your Life, on all pages!   Do not take it for granted. It […]

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Ships by Our Sun, Now

  Ships by our Sun, Now November 13, 2019   December 28, 2019, 11:11, FREEDOMsRAY: Phoenix has risen! Gina Maria Colvin Hill‏ @GinaMColvinHill 29. Dez. 2019 “UFO’s are beginning to gather again”, December 29, 2019 Salem, Indiana 6:45 PM. These pictures were taken with my iPhone 8 and a clip on lens in the western sky. […]

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