11/11, 11:11


11/11, 11:11, 2019

The Worth of Life


For the Worth of a Life

in the end will be known.

You discover, at last,

All is His, and not own.


You are His, and He holds

you in Arms, through the Ages!

You are loved, and protected,

all your Life, on all pages!


Do not take it for granted.

It is yours, first to BE.

Then you, finally, open,

big, your eyes, and can SEE!


For is you, who says  “FATHER!”

and He always responds.

So, the Worth of a Life is,

you SEE, Him All belongs!


Oh, it takes many ages,

for the TIMES don’t exist!

You’re eternal, from FATHER!

In this Truth lies the gist!


But, one day, in His Arms,

you discover you’ve BEEN,

and that’s Life’s whole Worth,

when your FATHER you’ve SEEN.





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