22 is Victory!

  22 Is Victory! November 22, 2019, 00:22   The WAR still on. But I get from Your Mouth, We Won. Release the Truth, Father! Let our Trumpeter trumpet and shake the Worlds!   Your Word Has Spoken. . . . . . .

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Gaia’s Song

  Gaia’s Song   News.Agu.org Earth’s magnetic song recorded for the first time during a Solar Storm 18 November 2019   In this image, Earth is the dot to the left of the image and the large arc around it is our planet’s magnetic bow shock. The swirling pattern to the right is the foreshock […]

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The Cry of Victory

  The Cry of Victory   The Cry of Victory I shout wild! Shatter does planet and every child.   The Cry of Victory will blow all ears. All man, child, woman. All, the Cry hears!   Between the Cycles this thunder cuts! In all the bunkers burnt will be rats!   For it is […]

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Divine Love are you shining

  Divine Love Are You Shining   Divine Love are you shining, Divine Love you express! How you think, you existed, if not by His Love Breath?   You are born in His Wonder! You are Love to the Skies! All your colours, your Splendor, are the Rays of His Eyes!   You are His […]

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The Sacred Liberty in God

  The Sacred Liberty in God   The Sacred Liberty in God is the Law of Creation. For all the Worlds, and Suns, and Stars, and children of all Nations!   The Sacred Liberty in God is Father’s gift the Highest. You cannot think, He born a slave, from Lovest Heart, and Mightest!   We […]

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Today We’re Done!

  Today We’re Done!   I am a tiny lion cub, here on a big mission. I see all Lions, swords and wars, on many planes in friction.   We fight for eons. Monsters claws enslaved this earth in horror. I cry and cry, and cannot stop, want give my home its honor.   The […]

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T’is the last Confrontation

T’is The Last Confrontation   T’is the last confrontation. We stand all, face to face. All the enemies, monsters, to dissolve hate to Grace.   Now I see, why my tears. Why I suffer and cry. It’s the bulk of all eons, our cries to the sky!   It is Love, will all conquer. It […]

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Gaia Portal, November 21, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message November 21, 2019     Spartifications are embraced as Gaia girds for the Grand Awakening. Grand Awakening? Delightful sounding Q term! Spartifications are preparations, distribution of roles. Statement sounds like a trumpet message. “Monsters” are viewed fearlessly from the Higher Place. Direct and encouraging! Means the dark are done. Energetics of […]

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For you refuse to see

  For you refuse to see   Refuse see, in his face, your enslaver! You prefer to do nothing, and sleep! On your table, one bread, and you tremble, monsters shoot you and kids with a beep.   You go forth in the morning, till night, and you do all your work for a penny! […]

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