It consumes me


It Consumes Me


It consumes me, their Marvel, I see Your Love in them.

It is true that I birthed them, yet in Greatness they’re Yours!

It consumes me by looking, when my heart melts in Love,

for I see they are Father’s, of the Highest above!


In their smile is Your Wonder, in their eyes all stars shine!

Their essence devours all the darkness apart!

Their powerful Beauty brings this world to stand still.

Brilliance spend they in passing, brilliance all way they brill!


Sure, I am their mother. But the Father, is You!

To all limits I love them, yet they go far beyond!

The tremendous, might shining, all that Love they contain,

It’s all You, Wondrous Father, mighty, holy and plain!


What a marvelous blessing! What a wonder Divine!

To see You in my children, yet all children are Thine!

It’s Your Grace and Your Mercy, walk with us from above,

in the fullness of Wonder, and in Marvel and LOVE!






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