Yes! You Are, the Great Mover!

Yes! You Are, The Great Mover!

October 14, 2019, 11:22


Yes! You are, the Great Mover!

Yes! It’s You, the Great One!

One and Only, Creator,

of all things, ever done!


Yes! You are, only Father!

Highest! High! Oh, so High!

In Your heart, we belong all,

living Life, all Your sky!


That’s the Marvel, for sure!

Hard for some, to digest.

Yet we all, over ages,

long for Home, at Your breast!


You hold me, when I’m falling.

Comfort me, when I cry.

Closer than, any mother,

touching me, from the sky…


Oh, sweet Father, sweet Wonder!

Infinite Heavens Love!

How Your Blessings, for ever,

pouring You, from above!






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