And I don’t even know it


And I Don’t Even Know It

September 10, 2019, 14:44


And I don’t even know it,

but Father guides me through!

He writes you lovely poems,

but He just speaks to you!!!


Want passionately FREEDOM,

and FREEDOM was the aim,

from ’76 Fathers,

who’s FREEDOM was the Claim!


The DIGNITY I’ve written,

of Planet and of Man!

2000 years early

He came to stand for same!


The swallows and the falcon,

the messengers who claim, 

all heavens FLYING Beings,

in Innocence and fame!


The sound of Joy we hear,

the bells of ringing Free!

We Fight in Standing strongly,

for Life, for Love, to Be.


Our Joy we shouted loud,

in dancing filled the streets.

The Source of Love united 

us, brothers in all deeds!






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