You’d better open eyes


You’d Better Open Eyes

September 9, 2019, 9:09


You’d better open eyes and SEE around:

Isn’t this pristine world Your Father gave?

Isn’t this just the Promised Land He gave you,

to love, to honour, care for and save?


You’d better broaden eyes and take off blinders!

Look at the surface, but believe it not!

Take off the veil, and do not give up digging,

a monster thief infested every knot!


One can invade a world, but pay attention,

respect the Law, Children of God, right Heir!

My trodden Brothers! Open eyes and grasp it:

a slave are you, in monster’s prison lair!


Behold my words: your DNA they doctored.

The 12, from Father sacred, cowards cut!

2 strings alone your fake ‘new lords’ condemned you,

as ‘chattle’ fully serve them, flesh and blood!


I write you poems, love caress your soul,

you poor slave, down trodden brother mine!

Your Father stretched His hand: look up and SEE Him!

This world He gave you, every Nod and Line.


“We are the world! We are the Children!” Hear

the song of Michael, Aphrica The Free!

Open your eyes, embrace the world around:

You are the heirs, to here thrive and BE.






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