In This, You’ll Never Find


In This, You’ll Never Find


In this, you’ll never find

the measure for the Works of God.

The Marvel, Universal,

stays hidden as to see no nod.


He sent us, Own Message,

on Holy circuitry, known to none.

Not ever, was it known,

or will be, by His Will as One.


Three years, of enchanted

a life of wonder and of heart delight.

Unique, unique for ever,

in splendor, fully hidden in His Light.


This Gaia, superconscious,

connected straightly to His Paradise,

chose He, as lovely Crossroads,

as Universal, Healing Love device.


The Greatest, Our Father,

envisions His Creation mighty plans,

builds His, new residencies, 

as Great Creator, Architect He stands.


How blessed, this planet!

Planet of the Cross they called,

By Highest, chosen,

in Highest Grace, to no one ever told!






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