When The Blabber


When The Blabber


When the blabber will finish,

and noise finally stops,

words of Love we’ll all hear

from the mountain tops,


When the Love will take over,

and the Peace, in fine tones,

will enchant our hearts,

bodies all to the bones,


When we’ll search in the eyes,

ans see Truth, and see Light,

and fill lungs with fresh air,

to rise freely in flight,


When all children be playing,

in no fear of rape,

or of torture, or murder,

all the way to the Cape…


When indeed we all smile,

brothers all, full of Love,

and just peacefully honour

gift of Life from above…


Oh, the Godly Creation!…

Greatest day, greatest feast!…

We’ll dance Earth to the fullest,

all the way to the East!…








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