That Imperative Need

That Imperative Need


That imperative need of Your Presence,

oh, how my heart is melting in longing…

Right and left hugging tight my two children,

in Your arms all eternal and loving…


You know us as Your sweet tiny lions,

right a tiger, left lion, panthera 

middle curd, all three milk being feeding,

of Your Love on this planet called Terra…


Oh, the marvel of Your wondrous Creation!

Love we drink and is Love we are breathing…

And no place ever greater and sweeter,

than in Your tight embrace, and Your greeting.


We do sometimes feel lost in this abyss,

this Earth school is so hard, but amazing,

we are all in Your arms night and day long,

to enjoy and get strength and sing praising…


By the time all these Eons are flowing,

and we start missing You, for You longing,

please, be gracious, my Father, and let us

now come quickly in Your arms and holding!




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