That Lineage of Sweetness


That Lineage Of Sweetness


That Lineage of Sweetness

I truly discovered

today, talking with Father mine!


It is one of His Aspects,

and is one of His Radiance,

and His Love and His Beauty so fine…


Cherished One was the sweetest, 

son one coming closest,

and son two and then george fill the line…


These are wonders of wonders

of my Father, who sculpts them,

blessing them with sweet magic divine,


To bring LOVE to all beings,

in all life and all doing,

charme and smile and laughter and shine…


It might be, you are sour,

it might be, you are bitter

or His Sweetness you didn’t yet see,


But I tell you, my Father

owns a Lineage of Sweetness,

we are all born in it, safe and FREE!







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