June 27, 2019, 22:22


O, how I wish

to see you manifesting,

a star, an Angel sweet

descend from skies,


A mighty falcon,

in your glorious colours,

and your sweet charme,

when all this earth so cries…


O, how I wish,

you finally appear,

to us, the suffering ones,

still under yoke,


To see your lovely eyes

and charming smile,

to give new hope, new future

to us folk…


Wouldn’t that be a Joy,

from thousands voices,

wouldn’t that be a Joy,

a life long worth,


Explode the air in great,

amazing power,

of folk, that instant in

euforia morph…


O, how I wish

an end to these long eons,

of cruel murders

and of bloody kills,


To finally see you, 

a wondrous child,

landing on us, from up

beyond the hills…


Yes, a great miracle

we’ll ever call it,

the sweetest miracle

under the Sun,


To bring us Joy,

and laughter, dance and wonder,

see glee in children’s eyes,

and wife, and man…


How eons we have fought

to see your smile,

so gentle, loving, 

childish and sweet,


To see you graceful land

on Mount Rushmore,

you, enduring one,

to hug and greet and meet…


If there is shock,

let petrify the shocked ones!

The avalanche of Truth

will pour in rage!


The loving hearts will burst

in happy laughing,

for Truth will be restored

for Earth and Age!









3 March, 2020








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