After a while


After A While


After a while… words will be too much.

We will be tired, all, and wanted Home.

No words will be enough to bringe some sense,

to life, to death, to hide under a dome…


After a while…we’ll long for the stars…

Fed up with lies, with sadness we’ll be filled.

One day we’ll strongly feel we have enough,

of man controlled, and spied upon, and killed…


The words will dissipate, words will get lost…

We’ll all look up and longing to evade.

Time will flow slow, our patience to an end,

we’ll all feel leaving now, now, now, not late!


And so the silence will be wished with passion.

All violence will have to stop to be.

A music sweet will heal us all, mankind,

and a new harmony will bless us free.








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