The Millions of Tentacles


The Millions Of Tentacles


The millions of tentacles

you’ve infiltrate

Divine Fabric of Life

in Sacred State!


Fabric of Life you stole –

this you all know!

You steal the Light of God,

pretend to glow?


In that immense high consciousness

you born.

How can you separate,

our planet torn?


His LOVE is the Fabric of Life

and HE but ONE.

What kind of insane intent

you wanted done?


Through ages you have raped and killed,

drunk our blood.

How long His patience, did you think,

carry your fraud?


With Artistry and skill Divine

Fabric of Life,

this day from you has been cut off

with one sword knife.


Oh, brothers, how so mad, your plan,

betray Your God!

Imagine! He has saved in full

His Child you trod!


Charlie Robinson | Dissecting the Tentacles of Control [VIDEO]






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