Draco of London


Draco of London

June 3, 2019, 11:11



This is Last Confrontation.

Sleep no more, up to fight!

God’s strong Trumpet resounds,

den of snakes floods in Light!


Cosmic History written

is this New June of Light.

Full effulgence He pours in

our Trumpeter fight!


London is healed from Dracos.

Pure Light shall give birth.

Wanted you LOVE destroyed?

Wanted you hell on Earth?


Draco reign is now over!

Torched is the den of snakes!

Cosmic Light from the Father

place again on Earth takes!



There is but One conducting 

all breath and pulse of Life!

Your age is now forgotten,

with pain, and war, and strife!


Victor IS LOVE Creation,

Eternal, pulsing beam.

Golden Spirit rain blesses,

LOVE Divine reigns supreme!




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