Universal Father 14


Universal Father 14

May 7, 2019


Universal Father Message, August 27, 2014

Dance Violet hues.

Spread Life anew,
Swiftly fleeting.

the dance of Violet hue,
Spreading life anew.

the Source of step and song.

Within my chest
cries out my heart,
for the camaraderie of like minds
in the soulness of
Infinite Source.

So you view
ones who desire
Mine own longings.

Vibrational techniques, 
anchored in the physical, 
are the answer to swift movements
to effect calming and well being.

Distribute same 
by whatever means and mediums (essences).

See by your collective concerted efforts 
whether effects amplify.

Share sacred geometries
and crop circle patterns.

Make rods.
Charge water with decrees and mantras.
Add to. 
Pour into moving sources.

Sing and Dance.

Though the tools are simple, variations are many.
Streaming water from a faucet.

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