Universal Father 13


Universal Father 13

May 7, 2019


Universal Father Message, August 23, 2014 

Your divine purpose is come to fruition.

Your divine message is come.

Show how to use alchemy in all manner of things.

Show purpose of intent.

Soon will destructive events stop.
Soon will
the silent drift of energies 
be noticeably felt by all on Earth.

Write it down: 
Christed forest creature who wield the olive branch of peace. 
(Bigfoot? Wow!)

Beset upon humankind 
are occurring many instances of weeping and wailing
and the gnashing of teeth;
some are full realization 
in final futility 
and forlornness of last chances.

Some still foolishly
portray a state of denial scene, 
or as merely another act,
a false performance.

are the not-so-kind grins
of the enigmatic appearing/disappearing Cheshire cat 
(Alice in Wonderland),
​in “told-you-so” triumph.

It is not easy to witness or experience.

By God’s Mercy may there be some fewer 
because of delayed timing.

Flames of Mercy.

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